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Time: 19th April 13.00-15.00 CET, 28th April 13.00-14.30 CET, 3th May 13.00-14.30 CET, 12th May 13.00-14.30 CET
Place: Online

Sociale Entreprenører i Danmark afholdt d. 19. april – 12. maj 2022 det online kursus Nordic Social Entrepreneurship 3.0 for sociale iværksættere i Norden. Arrangementet blev afholdt på engelsk og i samarbejde med Entre Oulu, fra Finland, Oslo International Hub, fra Norge samt Folkuniversitetet fra Sverige.
Der var 3 deltagere.

Læs mere om programmet herunder på engelsk.

Nordic Social Entrepreneurship 3.0 program is relevant to you if:
You have a social idea and would like to develop it into a regular socio-economic enterprise
You have a background in a traditional profession, and want to work with social entrepreneurship
You already run a socially responsible or socio-economic enterprise, which you want to further develop

What is the course about?
You can get new learning, input and sparring, so you can work more qualified, targeted and concrete with your idea.
You learn to identify a social problem and to see how a possible idea and solution can be translated into a project or a business model as part of a socio-economic enterprise. With the course you will earn how a prototype can be developed and tested, so you can test your idea as a product and activity, and take the next, more concrete steps to actual launch, use and dissemination. With a “learning by doing” approach, you will be inspired and be able to develop a strategic plan and model that you

What is the Purpose of the course?
The course aims to upgrade adult professionals and improveprove their ability to start a socio-economic business themselves. Through the course, participants will have a better opportunity to contribute with solutions to actual societal and economic challenges by creating alternative socio-economic business management models in traditional professions. The course is developed for educated, adult professionals from traditional professions, but is also open to younger people with a desire to translate a social idea into a socio-economic enterprise.
The overarching idea is that the program should provide students with better opportunities to contribute to solutions to actual societal and economic challenges by creating alternative socio-economic business models in traditional sectors and occupations.

What does the course consist of?
It consists of seven modules -1 Introduction 2)Understanding, 3) Idea development, 4) Make decision, 5)Prototype development, 6) Test and 7) Launch and is built around design thinking theory.
The program is online-based, so you have access to a learning platform with materials, links and movies.
Through this, you get materials that you read aloud, reflection, evaluate and write, just as you get teaching and sparring during 4 Wednesdays, and you hear about the

What will you gain?
You will gain insight and skills in several areas, and you will through cases learn about how others have made important experiences and been successful with their work, among other things. by using very simple methods, purposefully and strategically. You will gain knowledge of several concepts, different methods and forms of work that are used in the work with social entrepreneurship. This includes following:

  • social entrepreneurship as a field of work and innovative initiatives
  • agile innovation (a method of task prioritization in order to maximize value for the target group),
  • digital technologies to develop, document and measure work
  • alternative business and operational models such as sharing /collaboration / on-demand economics, shared ownership and platform cooperatives
  • circular economy, human design, design thinking, etc.
  • product-service-innovation systems, etc.

The course is based on homework and assignments of assignments from module to module. Subsequently, you will receive a proof of your participation.




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