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Social Enterprise
World Forum

SEWF’s goal is to foster the growth of the global social enterprise movement, aiming to expedite the transition towards a new global impact economy. SEWF offers a platform for social enterprise leaders and practitioners worldwide, facilitating networking and exchanging ideas. SEWF uses the Good Market platform for primary curation and information management.

At SED we offer verifications of Danish social enterprises in collaboration with Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF).

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What is SEWF

•Designed with input from global partners and recognizes existing regional and national verification and certification schemes for social economy enterprises.
•Offers affordable and accessible verification for social economy enterprises, taking cultural diversity into account.

•Aims to support the growth of the global ecosystem for social economy enterprises.
•Expands market access for social economy enterprises globally, even in places where such schemes do not exist.

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Get Verfied

01   Create a free profile page for your social enterprises on
Good Market

02   Pay for your SEWF verification. £70 for the initial verification, then £50 per year for renewal.

03   Upload your articles of association and annual report on Good Market

Get verified

Need help with getting verified?

Chairman of the Board
Per Bach +45 40 11 86 40

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