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What is
social enterprise day?

Social Enterprise Day, is a concept and campaign launched by Social Enterprise UK, a thrilling campaign known as #WhoKnew, showcasing the remarkable impact of social enterprises. Initially celebrated in England, this special day has now expanded globally, capturing the attention of individuals, companies, and organisations across 25-30 countries. Held on Thursday during Global Entrepreneurship Week, Social Enterprise Day has evolved into an international movement since 2017, driven by the collaborative efforts of Social Enterprise UK, the British Council, Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark and other social enterprise support organizations.

Social Enterprise Day dates
Social Enterprise Day 2023 – d. 16 November
Social Enterprise Day 2024 – d. 21 November
Social Enterprise Day 2025 – d. 20. November

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do we celebrate?

Social Enterprise Day ignites a global movement through a digital campaign, uniting organizations, social enterprises, and enthusiastic individuals under the hashtag #SocialEnterpriseDay.
But that’s not all! Some have organized physical and online events in various countries, adding an extra touch of excitement to this momentous day. We mobilise Danish Social Enterprises to make their mark on Social Enterprise Day and the best part? This remarkable day reaches beyond borders, inspiring organizations worldwide to join in and unleash the limitless potential of social enterprises.
You can join by simply posting stories, statements, pictures about the positive impact of social enterprises on social medias on 16 November 2023 using the hashtag #SocialEnterpriseDay.

Social enterprise day inspires global action for a positive impact. Get ready to be inspired as this exciting day unveils the extraordinary achievements of social enterprises worldwide!

Check out how we celebrate Social Enterprise Day!

Explore captivating live streams from 2022-2018 below and on our Youtube Channel, immersing yourself in the world of transformative social enterprises. Discover inspiring stories, groundbreaking events, and the incredible potential of a brighter future.

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