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Learn how we boost social enterprise awareness through projects

Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark are continuously involved in various projects within social entrepreneurship, or together with different partners. Here you will find Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark participates in the EU ERASMUS+ projects and collaborates with other European and Nordic organisations and actors working to support social entrepreneurship.

EU Erasmus+

  • Boosting inclusion and diversity – exchanging experience and seeking support for effective migrant and refugee integration models
  • Fostering equity and equality – exchanging best practice examples and seeking support for people in conflict areas
  • Supporting people facing socio-economic difficulties – exchanging best practice examples and seeking support for homeless people
  • Engage, empower and connect 45 young social entrepreneurs through conducting a series of transnational events facilitated by youth workers for young social entrepreneurs
  • Develop a comprehensive model for social entrepreneurship, including framework, steps, roles, and arrangements, through collaborative efforts.
  • Train youth workers as facilitators 
  • Showcase the success and applicability of the model 
  • Boost and support social entrepreneurship
  • Opportunities for young people to actively participate in society and tackle real societal challenges through social entrepreneurship
  • Young people’s initiatives and youth social entrepreneurship
  • Creating inclusive environments that foster equity and equality
  • Raised awareness among policymakers and key stakeholders on the importance and impact of youth social entrepreneurship to foster equity, equality and social inclusion 
  • Partner organisations with enhanced internationalization and capacity to cooperate at the European level in the fields of active European citizenship and social inclusion

European Social Enterprise Monitor

The Euclid Network coordinates an ongoing project that assesses the state and progress of social enterprises across Europe. Since 2020, the project conducts surveys targeting social economy enterprises, collecting diverse data for national and European reports. This data aims to provide decision-makers in government, business, research, and civil society with concrete information for policy decisions, funding, and support efforts.

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What is our role?

Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark, along with over 30 countries, actively engage in the European Social Enterprise Monitor project, an initiative that seeks to address the scarcity of information about social enterprises therefore SED has made two reports for Denmark which you can download below.

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Authors: Per Bach and Luise Li Langergaard

  • Offer a peer-to-peer mentoring program
  • Offer a mapping of support ecosystems for migrants
  • Offer educational programs on Entrepreneurship & Digitalization for self-employment, and Nordic Culture & Leadership for active citizenship
  • The project is run by a consortium of 10 partners working with sustainability, social innovation, entrepreneurship and education in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Åland.
  • The goal is to implement the program approx. 400 participants.
  • Relevant tool to increase the science-based conditions that any social system requires to reach social sustainability.
  • Increased trust among Nordic citizens and institutions, acknowledging the importance of diversity to cope with challenges, create a sense of common meaning, as well as increasing learning and self-organization capacities of the Nordic citizens.
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