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By Luis Pereira

Genesis and journey
Trivselsfabrikken is a Danish social enterprise dedicated to promoting mental health and well-being through consultancy services and innovative certification courses for teachers, social educators and relevant others in an existing evidence-based program. At the heart of their mission is the belief that fostering resilience and emotional intelligence as a common language and point of departure is essential for individuals and communities to thrive in today’s world.

Trivselsfabrikken’s journey began with a simple yet profound need— to give children and the adults they interact with (including social educators, teachers and parents), the support they need to develop healthy life practices, social and emotional skills and community spirit. Instead of creating a new intervention from scratch, in 2017 this wish prompted the founders to reach out to the team behind only  WHO endorsed evidence-based, age-relevant universal resilience-building program for educators at the time, i.e. the FRIENDS Resilience© program, with a view to translating, and introducing the program in Denmark. This holistic approach focuses on fostering a communal language and set of tools, strategies and life-skills, including a focus on harnessing values-based role models, reciprocal support teams, and connections with nature, with the aim of promoting well-being and empowerment. In short, Trivselsfabrikken recognized the transformative potential of the program, whose reach in countries across the globe extends beyond schools, targeting children, youth, and adults, parents/caregivers and families, communities, and even penitentiaries.


Certification in FRIENDS Resilience Program
Endorsed by the World Health Organisation, WHO, the FRIENDS program is a widely recognized initiative focused on promoting resilience and mental well-being amongst people of all ages, and among children and adolescents, in particular. Rooted in evidence-based practices and research in psychology, human development, public health and education, today the program itself is evidence-based (30+ years of research and documentation) and provides a structured framework for use as a primary, universal intervention to build collective and individual emotional resilience, coping skills and sense of community that embraces diversity. Amongst other things, these include healthy life-practices, emotional regulation, social competency, value-based relationships and decision-making. Through a series of structured activities, exercises, and discussions, participants learn practical strategies for managing stress, building positive relationships, and developing a resilient mindset. The program also incorporates elements from cognitive-behavioral therapy’s (CBT) third wave and positive psychology to promote adaptive coping mechanisms and enhance well-being. The Trivselsfabrikken team went further and meticulously adapted and translated the four age-relevant versions of the FRIENDS Resilience© program into the Danish context in close collaboration with Dr. Paula Barrett and her team who continues to develop the program in keeping with current best practices and knowledge.

With an emphasis on prevention over treatment, Trivselsfabrikken now offers certification courses in the 4 age-relevant versions of this preventive resilience-building program aimed at promoting collective and individual relationship skills, well-being and empowerment. Whether it’s through interactive workshops, educational seminars, or targeted interventions, the organization strives to equip school communities and others with knowledge and materials they can employ in creating supportive environments where individuals feel empowered.

The team
Behind Trivselsfabrikken’s success lies a dedicated team composed of the two founders, who work tirelessly full-time, alongside a cohort of consultants hired on an assignment basis. This collaborative effort ensures the delivery of high-quality interventions that make a meaningful impact.

Challenges and advices to other social entrepreneurs
Despite its noble mission and impactful initiatives, Trivselsfabrikken journey to promote mental well-being in Denmark is not without formidable challenges. One such challenge is navigating press and external communication channels, as effectively communicating the advantages of their programs is essential for garnering support and funding. Moreover, securing adequate budgets remains a persistent challenge, hindering the organization’s ability to scale its operations and reach more individuals in need.

In the face of these challenges, Jette, one of the founders of Trivselsfabrikken, offers valuable advice for aspiring social entrepreneurs: she emphasizes the importance of networking and forging connections with potential partners who share a similar vision, namely participating in relevant events and availing support from Sociale Entreprenører i Danmark, as well as local, regional and state entrepreneurial advice. Moreover, she urges entrepreneurs to develop and maintain a high sense of purpose, in themselves and in their teams, as overcoming obstacles requires dedication and perseverance. Finally, Jette underscores the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, recognizing that self-care is crucial for sustaining long-term impact and effectiveness.

The mission
Beyond mere service provision, Trivselsfabrikken embodies a profound aspiration — to contribute in the fostering of a society where individuals, together and on their own, irrespective of circumstance, can flourish and realize their full potential. Their unwavering dedication to prevention over treatment, coupled with a steadfast focus on well-being, inclusivity and community, lays the foundation for a brighter, more resilient future for all. Ultimately, what drives Trivselsfabrikken is a desire to contribute to a society where young people feel empowered to grow and thrive. By providing tools for resilience and fostering empathy and inclusion, they aspire to create a world where every individual can realize their full potential – with the help of others where needed.

About Resilience

Trivselsfabrikken Facts:
Year of foundation –  2017
Origin city –  Holbæk, Denmark
Area – Education, Psychology
Mission – To be part of fostering a society where every individual, irrespective of circumstance, can flourish and realize their full potential in reciprocal thriving communities.
Service provided – Training courses, certification for educators, social workers, and relevant others in each of the four age relevant versions of the FRIENDS Resilience program separately, so that they can share these tools and strategies with the children, youth and adults they work with (manuals, activity books and materials included). They also provide consultancy services, including workshops, talks and sparring.
Number of employees – 2 full time, 5 on an assignment basis
Yearly turnover – Circa 450,000 DKK
More about Trivselsfabrikken on:
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