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On this site you can find actors in the International social enterprise ecosystem.

Social Entrepreneurship Forum (SE Forum)
SE Forum is a Swedish non-profit membership organization that works to promote social entrepreneurship. Founded in 2004, SE Forum offers a range of unique programs and services aimed at changing the norm for business operations in the private sector.

Senter for Socialt Entreprenørskap og Innovasjon
The Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Norway works to inspire, develop and show the way for social innovation and to contribute to creating structural changes through partnerships across the board, as well as with social entrepreneurship as a means of fighting poverty and social exclusion.

SoCentral in Norway functions as an environment and a collaborative partner for everyone who develops new solutions to local and global societal challenges, e.g. social entrepreneurs and social economic enterprises. SoCentral driver i.a. “Nordic incubator for societal innovation”, which has over 200 members, all of whom work with new solutions to societal challenges.

Centre of Expertise for Social Enterprises
is established by the Finnish government in 2021 and aims to increase the number of social enterprises in Finland and to promote the employment of people with partial working capacity at the same time.

Arvoliitto (ARVO)
ARVO is a member-based non-profit organization and an active network for social enterprises and other impact actors in Finland.

+ Impact is a large online network for more than 1000 Nordic impact startups. The network connects impact in order to thereby create positive social change. Impact startups can register for the network via the page.

Impact Startup Nordic
Impact Startup Nordic is a joint Nordic project which, through an accelerator programme, Impact Startup, helps and supports impact startups in their development. The concept was created in Denmark, where the Social Capital Fund started the first accelerator program in 2014. Since then, Norwegian Ferd Social Entrepeneurs, Swedish Prosper and Finnish ARVO have joined the project.

European Commission – Social Economy Community
The EU Commission’s site for actors in the social economic field in Europe. Through the site knowledge on social economy is shared and you can find tools, cases, events and much more.

The expert group for social entrepreneurship (Groupe d’experts de la Commission sur l’entrepreneuriat social – GECES) was set up by the EU Commission in 2011 for a period of 6 years. The period has since been extended. GECES is, among other things, been consulted by the Commission in relation to the development, creation and implementation of all the initiatives mentioned in the SBI (Social Business Initiative), as well as the further development of social entrepreneurship and social economy.

Social Economy Europe (SEE)
Social Economy Europe (SEE) is the mouthpiece for the 2.8 million companies and organizations in the social economy field in the EU. The organization was established in November 2000 under the name CEP-CMAF – the European Standing Conference of Cooperatives, Mutuals, Associations and Foundations – with the aim of establishing a permanent dialogue between the social economy field and the European institutions, in 2008, CEP-CMAF changed its name and officially became Social Economy Europe.

Euclid Network 
The Euclid Network was established in 2007 and includes approx. 300 members from 31 European country communities working to strengthen social enterprises and a more innovative, professional and sustainable European civil society. Euclid Network has also established The Knowledge Center – where you can find a wide range of resources and knowledge about social entrepreneurship and social enterprises.

UN´s Task Force Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy (UNTFSSE)
UNTFSSE works to increase the visibility of social and solidarity economy (SSE) within the UN system and in the rest of the world. The organization does this by e.g. by working for an increased recognition of the role of SSE companies and organizations in sustainable development.

Ashoka is the world’s largest organization and network for social entrepreneurs and was founded by the American Bill Drayton in 1980 in Washington. Over the past 30 years, the organization has supported more than 3,000 social entrepreneurs to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.
Ashoka started up in Scandinavia in 2012, and has run a number of activities in Scandinavia since then. Ashoka Nordic has an office in Stockholm.

Yunus Social Business
Yunus Social Business was founded in Germany in 2011 by Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Saskia Bruysten and Sophie Eisemann to expand on the success of social business from Bangladesh and ignite it around the world.

Social Enterprise UK
England’s leading organization for social enterprises. SEUK works for broad recognition of the social enterprise business model. SEUK holds England’s largest conference regarding social economic enterprises and awards prizes, the Social Enterprise Awards, to England’s best social enterprises. Since 2017, SED has worked together with SEUK on the #SocialEnterpriseDay campaign.

Social Enterprise Scotland
Membership based organization for social enterprises in Scotland.

Social Enterprise España
Social Enterprise España is national membership organization for social economic enterprises in Spain.

SEA – Social Entrepreneurs Agency
SEA – Social Entrepreneurs Agency is an umbrella organization, a multi-sector cooperative, which was created by a collective of social entrepreneurs in Portugal in 2007. The purpose of the organization is to develop and implement social entrepreneurial projects that contribute to sustainability on a social, economic, cultural and environmental level for to create local development and integration.

Le Mouvement des entrepreneurs sociaux (Mouves)
Mouves is the French network organization for social economic enterprises.

Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland (SEND)
Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland is a German network organization for social entrepreneurs and social startups. The organization was established in May 2017.

Social Entrepreneurship Network Austria (SENA)
Social Entrepreneurship Network Austria is the Austrian network organization for social entrepreneurs and social enterprises.

Social Enterprise NL
Social Enterprise NL is a national platform that represents and supports social enterprises. The goal is to strengthen the social economy sector in the Netherlands in order to increase their impact on society.

Irish Social Enterprise Network
The Irish Social Enterprise Network is the largest network of social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and social innovators in Ireland.

Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia (SEAL)
The Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia is Latvia’s umbrella organization for social enterprises. The organization was founded in 2015. SED has worked with the organization in a single project.

The Social Innovation Centre in Latvia
The Social Innovation Center in Latvia works to strengthen social innovation and social enterprises in Latvia. SED has worked together with the organization in several international projects.

Estonian Social Enterprise Network
Estonian Social Enterprise Network is Estonia’s network for social enterprises. The organization was established by 19 social enterprises in 2012. SED has worked with the organization in several projects.

Lithuanian Social Business Association (LiSBA)
Lithuanian Social Business Association (LiSBA) is a national umbrella organization for social enterprises. LiSBA was established in 2018 to create an environment conducive to and raise awareness of social enterprises through advocacy, capacity building and initiation of activities that develop the social enterprise ecosystem.

Ukrainian Social Academy
Ukrainian Social Academy is a national center that educates and inspires people with ideas to create social change. It happens i.a. through training programs and mentoring so that the ideas can turn into sustainable businesses.

SILab is a national organization in Ukraine that works to build an ecosystem for social entrepreneurship and the development of social innovations as tools to create a more socially responsible culture in society. The organization supports the start-up of new social economic enterprises and helps existing social enterprises to develop.

Social Economy Ukraine
Social Economy Ukraine works to build the ecosystem for social economy in Ukraine through networking, collaboration, capacity building and creating better framework conditions for social economy actors in Ukraine.

Social Enterprise Alliance Georgia
Social Enterprise Alliance Georgia works to create the best possible environment for social entrepreneurship in Georgia and helps social enterprises start up and become sustainable.

Turkish Social Entrepreneurship Network
The Turkish Social Entrepreneurship Network is an umbrella organization for a number of actors working with social entrepreneurship and social enterprises in Turkey. The organization was founded in 2018.

Partners Albania
Partners Albania is an independent Albanian NGO established in 2001, working to support civil society (among others social enterprises) and facilitate inter-sector cooperation in order to strengthen democratic institutions and advance economic development.

Social Enterprise Alliance
Umbrella organization for social enterprises in the USA.

Social Traders
Social Traders is Australia’s leading organization for supporting and developing social enterprises. The organization was founded in 2008.

Social Enterprise Canada
Social Enterprise Canada is the Canadian advocacy organization for social enterprises.

Social Enterprise Lanka
Social Enterprise Lanka was established in 2015 as a member organization for social enterprises in Sri Lanka. The organization works to bring together and develop the social enterprise sector in the country.

Social Enterprise Society of Kenya (SESOK)
The Social Enterprise Society of Kenya was founded in January 2017 as a national organization for social entrepreneurs. The organization works through news information and various programs and events to promote general knowledge of social enterprises in the country.

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