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Welcome to the world of socially conscious business!

These enterprises are driven by a shared commitment to creating positive change while delivering top-notch offerings. Whether you’re looking for ethical fashion, sustainable technology, or impactful services, our network has a large range of high-quality products and services.  

A small social enterprise that brings together a diverse group of individuals, including employed professionals, vulnerable citizens, and volunteers of all ages. Their collective efforts range from caring for bees to manufacturing products.

Learn more

  • Save the Bees
  • Job opportunities
  • Job training for excluded people

Honey – Beeswax – Candles – Honey Gin

Blind Works has developed quality crafts for personal or commercial and municipal workplaces that need brooms, brushes, textiles and baskets from good raw materials produced by citizens with visual impairments.

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  • Sustainable focus
  • Work for the blind and visually impaired people

Brushes – Brooms – Furniture – Sustainable Interiors

A Copenhagen-based social enterprise that prioritizes regenerative practices to enhance nature and promote social well-being. Their focus is on honey production, and strive to inspire and build community by involving everyone.

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  • Save the Bees
  • Job opportunities
  • Job training for excluded people

Honey – Honey products – Guided tours – Events – Lectures – Courses

Image by Fairtrade Bazaren

It is a Fair Trade Shop in Aarhus run by the U-landsforeningen Svalerne association and a team of volunteers. Offering a broad range of Fair Trade goods from approximately 50 developing countries and world music from Putumayo and is currently Denmark’s largest selection of Fair Trade products.

Learn more

  • Import and sale of fair trade goods
  • Creating jobs and opportunities for marginalised people
  • Fair payment
  • Good working conditions
  • Income in developing countries
  • Climate action and protection of the environmen

Household – Interior – Kitchen – Food – Jewellery – Clothes – Bags – Hammocks and hammock chairs – Handcrafts

A social enterprise in Copenhagen that helps young people who may be struggling to find work. The company works closely with municipal partners to build bridges for young people into permanent leisure jobs.

Learn more

  • Job opportunities for excluded young people
  • Sustainable social enterprise

Hire Young – Hire reporters – Wild plant Sodas – Plant boxes – Gardening – Other services

Glad Fonden is one of Denmark’s biggest social enterprises, with locations in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Esbjerg, Aabenraa, Vejen, and Ringsted. They operate companies in various industries, including media, education, cuisine, service, design, and culture (theatre and zoo). A unique aspect of their operation is that people with and without disabilities work together. They value diversity as they believe that it can enrich society.

Learn more

  • Job opportunities
  • Job training for people with cognitive disabilities

Private: Products and services within media, design, kitchen and facility.

Public: STU and employment courses, incl. job training, employment on special terms and services within food, kitchen and facility service.

Grantofte Farm produces organic fruits, and vegetables and is a nature conservation site located on Zealand Island. In addition to its environmentally-friendly nature conservation practices, the farm has a socio-economic approach to the market, handling tasks within social and employment, as well as educational programs in Ballerup Municipality.

Learn more

  • Job opportunities
  • Developing jobs
  • Job training for excluded young people
  • Educate young people
  • Environmental conservation
  • Developing and Strengthening UN’s Sustainable Development Goal

Private: fresh organic vegetables – meat – vegetable boxes – team building – room rental – Cafe – Tours – Horse riding

Public: STU and employment courses

Image by Grennesminde

Grennessminde is a social enterprise in Taastrup with 35 years of experience in providing young people with special needs with education and employment. They specialise in hand labour work including farming, food products, warehouse and logistics, wood and metal works, and animal care.

Learn more

  • Job opportunities for young people with special needs
  • Development and Education

Private: Organic seasonal farm produce – Organic Bread and pastry – Plants and flowers – Visiting animals – Meeting and Banquet rental facilities- Outdoor kitchen rental – Guided tours – Events – cafe

Public: sheltered employment – Jobs – Pedagogy – residential facilities for young people with special needs

HumanAid is a social enterprise that aims to improve the living conditions of socially disadvantaged people globally and follow the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and form “Partnerships for Action” with local companies. They import and sell LIBBY’s PRIDE Wines from South Africa, as well as coffee and other socially responsible products.

Learn more

  • Donating to a children’s fostercare in Capetown (Beth Uriel Youth Home)
  • Help vulnerable children and young people
  • Education
  • Job Opportunity

Wine – Coffee – Wine tastings – Lectures

A social enterprise that operates a sewing and design workshop in underprivileged residential areas. The workshop focuses on upcycling discarded textiles to create job opportunities, and networks, and improve the quality of life for individuals who may have lost opportunities in the labour market.

Learn more

  • Circular economy
  • Job opportunities
  • Job training for excluded people – refugee women

Sustainable design – upcycled textile – interior textile – bags – clothes – textile workshops

Coffee Karma is a registered social enterprise that sells organic and sustainable coffee. The profits are reinvested so that more socially disadvantaged people have the opportunity for meaningful employment.

Learn more

  • Job opportunity for excluded people
  • Job training for homeless people

Organic and sustainable coffee – book a barista cycle –  barista cycle with personal guide – coffee and city walk – corporate volunteering – upskilling

People Like Us is a Danish brewing company that creates jobs for people from the edge of the labour market.

Learn more

  • Job opportunities for people from socially marginalized groups
  • To challenge society’s perceptions of normality and communities

Quality Craft Beers – wine glass – t-shirts

Råt&Godt is a socially responsible and sustainable company whose primary purpose is to help young people with challenges beyond unemployment in employment.

Learn more

  • Job opportunities for excluded people
  • Job training for young people

Wood products, Furniture and interior made from recycled materials

Image by Sheworks Atelier

Sheworks Atelier is an award-winning Textile Design Studio specialising in transforming surplus and waste textiles into bespoke design products. All products are made with hearts and hands in Denmark by talented females on the outskirts of society who find network and purpose in creating together. Visit us on instagram @sheworks_official

Learn more

  • Jobs opportunities and
  • Job training for excluded refugee women

Design, Bags, pillows and interior items

Social Foodies is a value-driven business that offers delicious products, made from high-quality raw materials, which as far as possible are grown and processed in Africa. It creates jobs that improve the living conditions of smallholder farmers, locals and their families.

Learn more

  • Job opportunities for excluded people in Africa
  • Socially sustainable food
  • Financial equality for the farmers and workers
  • Improve the living conditions of smallholder farmers, locals and their families.

Products and projects in Africa – chia seeds, coffee beans, macadamia, colourful fabric bags (Kenya) – chufa/tiger nuts/ earth almonds (Niger) –  chocolate (South Africa) – honey, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts (Tanzania) – vanilla (Uganda)

other products – ice cream, snack bars, cream puffs, gifts

Tiny Gardens is a social enterprise that wants everyone to experience the joy of growing a little of their own food. Their organic seeds, hemp mats and cultivation containers make it easy to grow microgreens.

Learn more

  •  Job Opportunities (inclusive labour market) for people with challenges.

Micro gardens – for Indoor urban gardening – from sustainable materials

Image by Voks

Voks offers plants with care for the people and the environment. They deliver plant solutions to companies that do not want to compromise on their sustainable profile and at the same time create value for vulnerable citizens.

Learn more

  • Job opportunities and
  • Job training for people with physical, mental and social challenges

Decoration subscription – Rent meeting rooms – Plant Gifts – office plants – plant terrarium – plant kits – events decorations – workshops – gift cards

Woods BY HUMAN Results offers clarification and upskilling courses to vulnerable and vulnerable young people who do not thrive in education or jobs. The purpose of Woods By HUMAN Results is to strengthen young people’s skills and motivation in order to get them to take ownership of their own transition to the labour market or education.

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For the vulnerable and vulnerable young people and ex-criminals with mental and social challenges working in carpentry and blacksmith works:

  • Job opportunities
  • Job training
  • Job upskilling
  • Education

Wood products, Furniture and interior made from recycled materials

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