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Our Mission

To empower social entrepreneurs and their organizations with the knowledge and tools they need to create positive social and environmental impact. We are committed to driving sustainable business practices that prioritize people and the planet alongside profits.

Our Vision

A sustainable and just world where entrepreneurship and businesses further the common good and social entrepreneurs have the tools and resources needed to create a positive social and environmental impact in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our People

Angelika Marning
tlf. 61 70 20 71

Karen E. H. Gottschalck
tlf. 33 55 77 30‬

er Bach

tel. 40 11 86 40

Vice chairman
Niels Johan Juhl-Nielsen

tel. 30 95 29 26

Niels Schrader Andreasen

tlf. ‭60 61 09 47

Maria Christiansen
tel. 60 17 02 13

Søren Hegstrup Sørensen
tlf. 40 45 79 71‬

SED Social Enterprise Members

SED Partners and Collaborations


In May 2010, a group of former Master’s programme students in Social Entrepreneurship at Roskilde University came together to start the Association of Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark (SED), a community dedicated to promoting and advancing the field of social entrepreneurship. Two years later, the association opened its doors to all individuals passionate about creating positive social impact through innovative entrepreneurship. Today, SED continues to inspire and empower a new generation of changemakers and existing social enterprises in Denmark.

Interested in studying social entrepreneurship and management in Denmark click here.

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