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SED is a non-profit organization that works to help strengthen the social entrepreneurship field by providing resources and support to its members in Denmark. We share knowledge, host events and participate in international projects about social enterprises.

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What We Do

Gain the skills and knowledge necessary to create alternative social economy business operating models within traditional industries.

The data aims to close the current gap in social enterprise to inform decision-makers in government, civil society and the economy.

Promote social entrepreneurship on the public agenda by bringing contributions to the debate, writing articles, hosting events and initiating other activities.


SED is a welcome coordinating partner in the field of social economy. The employees are competent and accommodating and organise relevant information meetings with the public sector.

Anne Marie Bosley
Head of Gallo House & Gallo Horticulture

SED makes it easier to network, offers courses with useful practical tools, provides a motivating community and helps spread awareness of social enterprises

Poul Roed Kristensen
Fair Trade Group

SED is Denmark’s largest “collection centre” for knowledge about and practical access to specific social enterprises. The association’s events, workshops and function as a knowledge centre and voice for social entrepreneurs.

Thomas Østergaard
Assistant Professor at VIA University College

An important player in the whole debate on Social Economy who gathers the threads and shares knowledge and information with us. SED is a great forum for networking for social enterprises.

Lene Kiel Jensen
General Manager of Bistad

Keep Exploring

Here you will find Danish Social Enterprises that are ready to do business with you! additionally, you will also be able to learn more about Social Enterprises and Social Economy.

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