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Nyuddannede søger job i det socialøkonomiske felt

To nyuddannede kvindelige masterstuderende fra uddannelsen Social Entrepreneurship and Management på RUC søger job i det socialøkonomiske felt i Danmark.

Carman Chan fra Hong Kong og Simona Gulbinaite fra Litauen introducerer herunder sig selv.

Carman Chan
Hej! Jeg hedder Carman Chan og kommer fra Hong Kong. For to år siden, kom jeg til Danmark på grund af mit studie på Social Entrepreneurship and Management på Roskilde Universitet! Since then, I am in love with this country, enjoy learning Danish, and now would like to further experience the Danish culture in the job market!
I have 8-year professional experiences in the education, social service, and banking sector. And I also hold a bachelor degree of Human Resources Management. Talent development, project management and event coordination are my passions and strengths. I enjoy designing and delivering training programs, activities and tools to equip youth people as global citizens and changemarkers. I am also good at facilitating collaborations among different stakeholders for synergy, i.e. schools, NGOs, governmental departments, private businesses and social enterprises.

During my stay in Denmark, I have engaged in the business development for Specialisterne to expand to China in partnership with a governmental association. And I am now volunteering at Impact X, a team that dedicates to create a collective platform and tools for SEs in Nordic countries to improve performance. I also have solid experiences in public relations, marketing, strategic planning, proposal writing and research. The topic of my master thesis is related to the roles and functions of SEs intermediaries that supports SEs to develop in Denmark. Thus, I really want to engage in the Danish SE sector. I hope there will be an opportunity to contribute with my talent, as well as to widen my horizon.

Browse my Linkedin ( to know me better!
tel: +45 7147 3274

Let’s explore if there is anything that I can help or we can work together!
Mange Tak!

Carman Chan

Simona Gulbinaite
It gives me a great pleasure to introduce myself as a recent master graduate and self motivated individual who is keen to follow a dream and gain a role which allows me to further my knowledge and skills within the social entrepreneurship field.

I have a master’s degree from Roskilde University of Social Entrepreneurship and Management with the highest evaluation on the final report. The master thesis reflected upon my key interest within area of study “The influence of the supporting organisations and their possible collaborations for the development of social enterprises within the Danish context.” Being a proactive person, I have also acquired a hands on experience within this field. Since 2017, I’ve been actively involved into the IMPACT X – the Nordic Impact Business platform that aims to connect the social and sustainable enterprises with impact investors, potentials customers and volunteers in order to increase their social impact and development. Throughout this experience, I have extended my knowledge on different types of the Danish social enterprises, challenges they face and needs they posses as I have been in charge of research and data collection on social enterprises. Currently, alongside with the development of the platform, I am in charge of customer engagement strategies in terms of interacting with the potential clients and collecting their feedback with a purpose to improve our product.

Besides, I have also been a part of some other third sector organisations as I performed as a team leader in the event management department at the largest student run organisation – AIESEC. Moreover, I performed as a project manager at the community organisation in Copenhagen when handling various social/cultural projects and managing the volunteers (20+). This experience, to some extent, motivated me to choose the direction of the social entrepreneurship field for my master studies, as I realized that many NGOs need to become more self sustainable in order to increase their impact and impede the challenges.

I would like to continue working in the social entrepreneurship field as a customer engagement manager and/or project manager where I could utilize my strong social, communication, representation and leadership skills, improve other skills and further develop as a professional within this field. I keen to experience something different and I am always looking for a new challenge which keeps me motivated and moving further.

I would be glad if you get in touch with me!

tel. + 45 50 65 14 63

Linkedin profile:

Yours sincerely
Simona Gulbinaite

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