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New CITYzens-English

By Nicolas Le Berre
Co-founder New CITYzens

New CITYzens is a French organization, created in 2011, whose goal is to catalyze social innovation and citizen mobilization on urban territories to inspire, imagine and build projects with positive impact for cities.

Refusing pessimism and despondency facing the growing number of economical, social and environmental issues, New CITYzens was co-founded three years ago, to share a positive message towards citizens, and especially young people, by showing them how they can be positive actors, tackle challenges and bring innovative solutions in their neighborhood and cities.

To achieve this and boost citizen commitment, New CITYzens has developed two complementary activities.

A community of non-professional reporters to discover urban innovation all around the world. New CITYzens
First, New CITYzens is mobilizing a community of young non professional reporters, ready to escape in the largest world cities and make multimedia reports on inspiring “changemakers” carrying solutions for a more human and inclusive city.

Intergenerational sharing apartments in Paris, interactive map for wheelchair drivers in Berlin, mobile school in the slums of Manila or water harvesting system in Mexico… the projects supported by these cities’ inhabitants (which we called “New CITYzens “) are innovative, concrete and show how entrepreneurship and citizen commitment can have a real impact on a small or large scale.

Based on these reports, a dedicated youth program to inspire the future “changemakers” New CITYzens
Privileged witnesses of these meaningful projects, the New CITYzens reporters are then committed to become “positive media” by sharing their reports and discoveries not only online but also in a specific youth program that constitutes the second activity of the structure.

Thus, relying on their multimedia reports, the members of New CITYzens build dedicated tools and creative workshops to intervene towards young people and exchange with them about citizenship, entrepreneurship and commitment.
They organize sharing moments in high schools, universities or during specific youth events. They also works with cities and their various “youth structures” to foster local citizenship and create sustainable projects lead by young people. By multiplying these interventions, New CITYzens is eager to promote the emergence of a new generation of local  “changemakers “.

More commitment and innovation in a near future?New CITYzens
Convinced that these new models coming from the ground (social business, sharing and collaborative economy, etc.) can be pragmatic tools and inspirations to solve urban challenges, New CITYzens is, now, also exploring a third dimension of its project, going beyond youth engagement and involving companies, public actors and any citizen.
The idea : learning from these discoveries around the world to create new tools and methods, foster local innovation and citizen mobilization, and enable the emergence of “New CITYzens territories” !

To know more about New CITYzens:

Twitter: NewCITYzens

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